Helping Discover The Assets To Which You Are Entitled

In property division during a divorce, almost all of the assets held by the two individuals are considered marital property and are therefore subject to an equitable division. It is important that all applicable marital assets be included in this division. Accordingly, it is important that divorcing individuals are able to produce a full and accurate list of all marital assets.

It is not uncommon for one spouse to maintain sole responsibility of the parties' financial affairs during a marriage. Consequently, there are often times where one spouse has little insight into the parties' financial state. As the marriage comes to an end, this spouse is at a disadvantage and at the mercy of the other spouse to honestly disclose all assets.

What We Do To Pursue Hidden Assets

As soon as it is believed that an asset has been hidden, we will immediately begin the discovery process, conducting a thorough investigation to find any assets and property that are being hidden or withheld from the equitable division. Generally, we will begin by informally requesting financial documentation, including bank statements, investment statements, tax returns, account records and portfolio information.

If necessary, we will serve formal discovery, including requests for production of documents and interrogatories, or written inquiries, to the other party. The other spouse must provide written answers to these questions, which can include specific questions on financial issues and assets in question. We can also depose, or question face to face, the other party under oath to gather relevant information.

It is critical for a divorcing spouse to know how much he or she is entitled to in a divorce. This means getting representation that can thoroughly and effectively gather the necessary information required to determine the full value of your marital estate.

How We Use Our Knowledge On Our Clients' Behalf

At Cognetti & Associates, located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, our lawyers are highly successful in discovering hidden assets and requiring that they be included in the division of property and assets. Led by veteran attorneys Maria Cognetti and Dave Schanbacher, our team understands how to read complex financial documents to find hidden assets, and we understand the common methods used by divorcing spouses to conceal assets and income. Through effective and extensive discovery — as well as through the use of well-respected forensic accountants, with whom we have a long-term, professional relationship — our attorneys are equipped to handle your case.

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