Family Law Mediation Attorneys

Attorney Maria P. Cognetti of Cognetti Law Group provides mediation services to individuals seeking a mediated divorce. As a certified divorce mediator, she facilitates the creation of agreements that, when formalized by each party’s counsel, become the final divorce agreement.

Efficient Resolution With Minimal Conflict

In the mediation process, both spouses meet to discuss the details of the divorce, including custody, visitation, spousal support, child support, and property division, as well as all facets of a divorce agreement. The primary objective of mediation is to arrive at a mutually agreed-upon arrangement without going through the typical legal avenues, including negotiations and court. Both parties can come alone to the mediation or may bring representation. During the process, Maria P. Cognetti will guide the discussion, keeping the process pointed at an efficient resolution. Once a comprehensive agreement has been reached between the spouses, both return to their own attorney to draft a formal agreement, which will be presented to the court.

At the conclusion of the mediation, Maria P. Cognetti will follow up by providing both attorneys a comprehensive settlement letter, which outlines the conditions and agreements reached. Mediation may be a cheaper means to a divorce resolution but generally is successful only in situations where the spouses agree and are focused on an efficient resolution with minimal conflict. Through mediation, you and your spouse can settle things between yourselves without the additional strain and stress of court. Particularly when children are involved, mediation protects the family dynamics that are in place.

To learn more about mediation and how Maria P. Cognetti can help facilitate your divorce mediation, please contact our Pennsylvania law firm today at 717-909-4060.

Reviews & Testimonials

    "I am truly thankful I had you and your team of professionals on my side."

    I wanted to thank you for representing me and handling my divorce, and child custody arrangement a few years ago.

    - R.H.
    "I am very grateful for her and her staff."

    Maria was tough! I now understand why. Allowing her to do what she felt was best for me, gave me a settlement in favor of me rather than paying out.

    - D.C.
    "I have so much appreciation for all you’ve done."

    There is no way I would have made it through this life-changing ordeal without Cognetti & Associates! I’ve had several folks ask me who represented me and I’ve gladly shared.

    - G.M.
    "You helped me salvage my self-respect."

    Going through divorce is a terrible experience, no matter what! However, your ways and means of guiding me through the process was very helpful.

    - A.O.
    "If I need an attorney again for any reason, I will be happy to give you a call."

    Thank you very much for everything that you and your staff did for me.

    - L.M.
    "She is responsive, decisive, and most importantly, honest about the legal process and expectations."

    Her support staff is also phenomenal, from her receptionist to her highly skilled (and very kind) paralegal. I never thought I’d need a family law attorney, but I am so glad I have her.

    - E.D.
    "Maria and her associates are beyond exceptional!!"

    Between her tenacity and intellect, she took me from paying out $110,000 to $50,000 and ending with saving me $65,000 in my divorce settlement.

    - D.C.
    "My expectations were not only met but exceeded."

    Two years (sic) I needed a divorce attorney and Cognetti and Associates came highly recommended. They got me exactly what I needed.

    - D.F.