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Family Law

Family Law

Family Law Attorneys Serving Clients in Dauphin, Cumberland, & Franklin Counties, & Throughout Central Pennsylvania

Cognetti Law Group provides sophisticated and highly-experienced family law representation across Pennsylvania. With 100 years of collective experience and our team approach, we can handle even the most complex family law issues effectively. We anticipate potential obstacles so that proactive solutions can be applied; this is especially beneficial when serving clients with significant assets and other high-conflict matters.

Family law matters, from divorce to child custody and more are among the most personal and emotional of all legal issues you can face. Thus, they can involve highly-contentious disputes over the most important aspects of your life, from your financial stability to your parental rights and responsibilities. Our team understands how challenging these matters can be for all involved. We bring highly-honed skills, from negotiation and mediation options to complex litigation in court where needed or appropriate. We thoroughly analyze the specifics of your case, needs, and objectives to tailor the right strategy for pursuing an optimum resolution that is both effective and efficient.

Cognetti Law Group’s offices are located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, serving clients from Franklin County to Centre County, from Bedford County to Lebanon County in Central Pennsylvania. We can be reached via our contact page or by calling (717) 909-4060 .

Pennsylvania Family Law Attorneys

Our Family Law Services

Divorce Settlement Attorneys

We handle both uncontested and contested divorces , including:

Our firm is adept at resolving the equitable distribution of marital property and debt in divorce as well as financial matters involving spousal support/alimony and child support.

These issues can include:

We work closely with financial experts and professionals to evaluate the true worth of your marital assets and provide solutions that protect your best interests.

Highly-compensated executives, business owners, and those with professional practices frequently turn to Cognetti Law Group to protect their assets and income during complicated proceedings. When divorcing spouses have significant wealth or business interests, we provide the sophisticated representation needed in seeking a resolution where assets are divided fairly.

Child-Related Matters

Where children are part of the divorce process or child-related matters arise in a post-divorce situation or between never-married parents, we also handle:

Children are the focal point of many divorces. We are well-equipped to evaluate the specific circumstances and family dynamics at play, no matter how complex, and work toward custody agreements that are in the best interests of the children. The child’s best interests are the operating principle of Pennsylvania family law courts.


We also help individuals negotiate, create, and finalize prenuptial and postnuptial agreements according to legal standards. These agreements outline how your marital assets will be divided in the event of a divorce or separation. They provide clarity and transparency through full disclosure of all financial matters, which can help prevent disputes and misunderstandings around these issues in the future, including during divorce settlement or litigation.


Our team provides mediation services that facilitate an agreement between couples going through a divorce as well as in other family law disputes. Mediation can prevent the necessity of going to court, saving you the emotional toll, time, and expense of litigation.

Our Family Law Practice Areas

Leveraging our years of combined experience and dedicated family law service, our firm has the veteran insight and experience needed to anticipate potential obstacles and provide proactive solutions.


When facing a prospective or pending divorce, you likely have many questions and concerns. We answer common questions with Divorce FAQs to help you understand the basics. However, to fully understand the specifics of your case in terms of Pennsylvania law, procedure, and your options for resolution, we advise you to consult with one of our capable attorneys by contacting Cognetti Law Group as soon as possible for an honest review.

Can a Child Support Obligation Be Entered Pursuant to a Pre- or Postnuptial Agreement?

Neither parent may, through a pre- or postnuptial agreement, bargain away his or her responsibility to pay child support. No matter how carefully drafted, an agreement that states that one parent will not be responsible for child support, or will be responsible for less child support than he or she would be obligated to pay under the law, will be held unenforceable. Child support is a right that belongs to the child, and the child’s parents are not legally able to bargain away that right.

Can Alimony Be Modified or Terminated?

If alimony is ordered by the court, the amount of alimony a person receives may be modified upon a showing of changed circumstances of either party. Such changed circumstances may include involuntary income reduction and forced retirement. If an award of alimony is entered into pursuant to an agreement of the parties, the parties can agree that the alimony be either modifiable or nonmodifiable. Alimony terminates upon the remarriage of the party receiving the alimony or upon the death of either party. Alimony also terminates if the person receiving it cohabitates with an unrelated member of the opposite sex. The parties can also determine the duration of alimony in a pre- or postnuptial agreement.

How Are Spousal Support and Alimony Pendente Lite Calculated?

Like child support, in determining spousal support or APL, the court first looks at the net monthly incomes of both parties. The court then utilizes a formula and applies the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines, which are based on the total of the parties’ net incomes. Factors such as child custody, mortgage payments and insurance premiums can change this guideline amount. Additionally, high-income cases are analyzed differently. The attorneys at Cognetti Law Group are familiar with Pennsylvania’s support law and can help you understand the intricacies of these calculations.


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Cognetti Law Group’s offices are located in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, serving clients from Franklin County to Centre County, from Bedford County to Lebanon County in Central Pennsylvania.

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