Protecting Your Assets In Divorce After 50

The divorce rate for people over 50 is more than double what it was 20 years ago. The rate has risen so much that 1 in 4 people getting divorced is over 50.

For individuals going through this experience, there are many factors to be considered in planning for your future. Individuals with substantial assets must protect those assets when crafting a divorce settlement.

At Cognetti & Associates, our firm has ably guided clients through the divorce process for many years. We focus a great deal of our practice on helping high-asset clients resolve complex property division issues, as well as other complicated legal questions that can arise in a later-in-life divorce. Based in the Harrisburg area, we serve clients throughout Pennsylvania.

What Must Be Decided?

Our attorneys are skilled at helping clients navigate the full gamut of potential issues when creating a new life after divorce. This includes:

  • Property division — After someone has spent 20 or 30 years accumulating valuable assets, dividing property equitably in a divorce proceeding often involves complex considerations. Our family law attorneys have the financial acumen, as well as litigation and negotiation skills, to protect your interests in assets such as retirement accounts, securities holdings, business ownership interests, real estate and other valuable assets.
  • Children — Someone who became a parent later in life may still have minor children and the need for a custody plan and possibly spousal support payments. If the children are older, it may be advisable to consider arrangements for passing along property to them, such as by setting up a trust. Our lawyers are adept at helping you identify and assert your interests.
  • Alimony or spousal support — In Pennsylvania, alimony and spousal support are not synonymous terms. If one spouse was financially dependent on the other, temporary alimony may be available while the divorce process is pending. In appropriate cases, there may also be a need for long-term or indefinite alimony. We advocate for our clients' position effectively in making appropriate determinations.

No matter what the specific issues are, clients of our firm can be confident knowing that an experienced legal team led by veteran attorneys Maria Cognetti and Dave Schanbacher is on your side. Ms. Cognetti is a recognized leader in the Pennsylvania legal community on high-asset and high-conflict divorce issues. She uses her knowledge of complicated financial questions to resolve cases in ways that advance her clients' long-term goals.

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