Family Law

Cognetti & Associates, located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, provides sophisticated and experienced family law representation, handling whatever legal issues may arise no matter how complex.

Led by family law attorney Maria P. Cognetti's 41 years of dedicated family law service, our firm has the veteran insight and experience needed to anticipate potential obstacles and provide proactive solutions.

Divorce Settlement Attorneys — Experienced Negotiators, Outstanding Litigators

Our firm handles all forms of family law, including equitable distribution, child custody, child support, spousal support, grandparent custody, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements. We also handle more complex family law matters that require a greater degree of legal understanding and experience.

High Net Worth Estates

Our firm works closely with financial experts and professionals to evaluate the true worth of the couple's assets and provide solutions that protect our clients' interests. When divorcing spouses have significant wealth or business interests, we provide the sophisticated representation needed to protect our clients' specific interests and ensure that the assets are divided fairly.

Complex Custody Matters

Children are the focal point of many divorces. We are equipped to evaluate the specific circumstances and family dynamics at play, no matter how complex, and work toward custody agreements that are in the best interests of the children.

These circumstances can include issues of abuse, mental illness, relocation, military service and long-term absences.

Mediation Services

Attorney Maria Cognetti is a certified mediator, providing mediation services that facilitate an agreement between couples going through a divorce before the matter goes to court.

To learn how our family law attorneys can guide you through your family law matter, please contact us online or at our Camp Hill-based law firm today at 717-909-4060.