Handling Professional Practices In Divorce

Divorce and the division of assets can be a highly complicated matter for professionals and business owners who have spent years or even decades building their professional practice. Doctors, dentists, accountants, attorneys and other licensed professionals may face the equitable division of their professional practice or a less than ideal financial settlement as part of their divorce. These highly complex cases require the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

Exceptional Lawyers Representing Professionals

At Cognetti & Associates — located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania — we have dedicated over 41 years to family law practice, and our attorneys have the experience and skill needed to protect your livelihood and ensure you receive your fair share of assets.

Division Of Professional Practices

In any case involving a professional practice, the first step is to determine whether the practice is marital property and, thus, subject to equitable division. If it is determined that the business is marital property, it is critical for the business to be properly valued. This requires extensive examination of the practice's worth, its assets, physical property belonging to the practice and other assets held by the entity. There are often arguments on both sides concerning which assets should be included in this valuation and claims that assets are being hidden or misconstrued.

Our firm works closely with a range of financial experts who offer knowledgeable valuation services and correctly determine the value of complex assets. Because of our skill and reputation for success in court, we are often able to settle matters to clients' satisfaction without the time and cost of a court hearing. If the matter must go to court, however, you can trust our record of success to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome.

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