Complex Child Custody Cases In Pennsylvania

Child custody and parenting plans are often some of the most difficult and contentious components of a divorce that a parent will face. This already emotionally charged matter can become more complicated by a wide variety of circumstances and family dynamics, ranging from behavioral and health issues of one parent to relocations.

If you are involved in a complex custody case, it is important that you are represented by a law firm with the experience and recognized skill to get results for you as a parent, while advocating for the best interests of the child. Cognetti & Associates, located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, has devoted more than 41 years to fighting for parents through negotiation and litigation.

Often the court encounters mothers seeking primary custody of the children; however, there are an increasing number of fathers petitioning for more parenting time. If you feel that the other party should not be allowed custody, or should have limited custody of the children, we will help to investigate those reasons and provide the court proof. Our attorneys will ensure that custody evaluations are conducted if needed, analyzing many factors that would impact the other parent's ability to parent.

Some of the most common complexities that arise in a custody case include:

  • Mental health issues
  • Drug and alcohol dependency or abuse
  • Physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse by anyone who would be around the child
  • Relocation

In other cases, a parent who has been absent for any period of the child's life may suddenly seek to be involved and granted custody. We will closely investigate these circumstances and present a compelling case to the court on our clients' behalf.

Our firm also handles custody cases involving military families where one or both spouses are deployed or forced to move on a routine basis, stationed far away from the child's home.

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