Business Valuation And Asset Division In Divorce

When a marital estate includes a business interest, it is important that the attorney handling the divorce understands the valuation process in order to analyze the business valuation reports and to conduct effective direct and cross-examinations should the matter go to a hearing or trial.

Business interests are considered property interests. If a business is started during the marriage, it is likely that the entire business interest will be considered marital property, unless the parties entered into a valid agreement excluding the business interest from the marital estate. If a spouse comes into the marriage with a business interest, any increase in value of that business interest may be considered marital property for purposes of equitable distribution.

How We Can Help You Protect Your Interests When Dividing Valuable Assets

Given the complexity of the various business valuation methods, you need representation that is equipped with the experience and understanding to protect you, and who will advocate for your best interests.

The attorneys of Cognetti & Associates, located near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, draw upon 41 years of experience and keen business understanding to thoroughly prepare a case that protects your business interests. Our attorneys work with financial experts and witnesses to clearly demonstrate the value of the business assets that are to be included or excluded in the court's decision.

Where there has been a commingling of business assets with personal assets, we will trace those funds back to the source to determine which assets are marital, premarital, exempt or otherwise separate. This includes assets and holdings from all forms of family-owned businesses, franchises, investments and professional practices.

Get A Strong And Sophisticated Advocate On Your Side

We understand the stresses a divorce can put on a business owner. With everything you have become accustomed to, or with everything you have worked for on the line, it is important that you have sophisticated representation on your side, protecting your interests, your business, its operations and your financial future. We also understand that you may have grown dependent on your spouse's business income, and we will work hard to ensure that you receive that to which you are entitled.

When complex valuation issues are at stake, clients of our firm can be confident knowing that an experienced legal team led by veteran attorneys Maria Cognetti and Dave Schanbacher is committed to finding a fair solution. Ms. Cognetti and her team use their knowledge of complicated financial considerations to assert our clients' interests effectively.

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